About Us

Advanced Medical Equipment Requires Advanced Manufacturing

Our mission is to provide physicians with the best performing, most reliable medical equipment possible. At every stage, from design to customer service, we go beyond the standard to achieve that objective.

The most critical step in the process is manufacturing. Our manufacturing equipment, facilities and processes are all state-of-the-art. They are capable of engineering consistently high-quality products that physicians count on for any procedure. At our facilities, we continue to increase automation to our manufacturing production capabilities.

Of course, all physicians are part of an organization with time and budget demands, inventory concerns and other business issues. Spectra is committed to addressing both medical and business concerns that each individual customer faces. Our outstanding customer service department is responsive to all our customers’ needs, from meeting deadlines to customizing our product line.


How We Engineer Higher Quality Medical Equipment

Needle manufacturing is an esoteric science. Spectra has been manufacturing needles that are smaller than a human hair for over 25 years. As you can imagine, during the genesis of our company, we had to overcome many adaptive and technical challenges. Overcoming these challenges has prepared our staff to manufacture the widest array of needles in the world.

Our production facilities adhere to tight tolerances, exceeding industry standards to continually produce the best medical equipment possible.

Constantly Advancing Design to Improve Care

Spectra’s extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow us to partner with physicians around the world on a regular basis to design, test and produce innovative and custom needle designs to the highest quality specifications.

Learn about some of our proprietary needle innovations,

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